Rnd 3 of the Brochure

So this is the 3rd round of the brochure I have been working on for DPWords. My Macbook crashed on me so I had to completely remake the whole thing. This was actually a good thing because it allowed me to look at it from a more creative perspective. Now all I am waiting for is for it to be proof read to see if any copy needs worked on.


Febuary has been slow

This month has been a slow month for working at DPWords. They are focusing big on writing grants, and securing money for future projects. It’s been a month of just working on my brochure for DPWords, straightening up the studio, and working on finding more images for the CTC program at Arsenal Tech. After this week things should pick up. This stuff happens and I just have to roll with it.

DPWords Presents: On the Cusp (First Friday)

This past Friday (Feb. 6) DPWords was kind enough to feature my company On the Cusp. It was an exciting event in which we asked people to write why they loved Indy. I also decided to bring my screen printing press to the event and offer people a chance to pull their own print, of the Murphy Building and the You are Beautiful sign, for a small donation of $10. The payment option was very laxed and not really enforced. We just wanted people to have fun and leave with a memorable experience. In this I think we were extremely successful.


Rnd 2 of DPWords Brochure

This is the second round of the brochure I am working on. Holly went through and made some edits and I applied her suggestions into the new version. For a hopefully final round our grant writer Megan is going to write up and pair down the copy for each section. Once I get that the layout will change plus I plan to make some improvements in the overall look so it won’t be just another piece of trash in someones garbage.

Arsenal Tech CTC Murals

We are in the process of working with Arenal Tech High School on a series of murals for their CTC Trade School program. These murals would act as program location marks for everyone so they would then know which hallway would be assign to which program they offer. Each mural will feature a portrait of a famous person from each discipline offered, along with a quote from that individual. the programs range from Cosmetology to Auto-Motive collision repair.